Gene, CAD Designer
John, Mast Jeweler
Debbie Rocchio
G.I.A., Graduate Accredited Jewelry

We are very proud to be one of the few independent jewelers so highly regarded. We have this reputation because of our devotion to our business and to our customers. We’re fair, trustworthy, know our customers by name, and always offer them the absolute best prices. We live locally and we’re an integral part of this community. We sell the jewelry that marks all of life’s happy occasions.


Philipson’s Jewelry customizes, repairs, and carries pieces designed by contemporary jewelry artists as well as timeless classics. We believe in the philosophy that a successful business is one that emphasizes high standards of quality and customer service with a personal touch.


Once you visit our shop you’ll experience what the buzz is about and you’ll never need or want to go anywhere else.

Payton Philipson, Watch Specialist
Mike and Lynne Philipson, Owners